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Medellin Girls
Medellin Girls, Colombia
Colombia's Medellin flower festival.

Colombian Girls & Nightlife

The Colombian people are undoubtedly a beautiful race, especially the women. The Colombian people, still relatively unaccustomed to large numbers of foreign tourists, are also a very friendly lot, who love salsa dancing, partying and nightlife. The potential to enjoy yourself is unsurpassed.

Cali is Colombia's nightlife capital, in addition to having by far the highest concentration of breast implants among the local girls. It doesn't stop there though - plastic surgery (often of entire bodies) is common throughout Colombia. Cali's climate favours that the Colombian girls flaunt their bodies throughout the city, but especially so in the cities famous salsa nightclubs. All round, Cali is the best option for nightlife and meeting local girls in Colombia.

Medellin also has some great nightlife and equally beautiful local girls. The area around Parque Lleras is great for people watching and is has a buzzing nightlife scene, especially on the weekends. Mango's is one of Medellin's most famous nightclubs - it used to be full of drug barons, but now it's populated by dwarf waiters serving beautiful Colombian women (and men).

All Colombia's major cities, such as Bogota, Cartagena, Santa Marta and Barranquilla have beautiful girls and buzzing nightlife. The Barranquilla carnival is a particular highlight (a five night non stop party). Incidentally, stunning Colombian pop star Shakira is from Barranquilla. Popular vacation spots such as San Andres, Cartagena and Santa Marta have particularly great nightlife (and associated beautiful Colombian girls), especially during the busy domestic tourism season.

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Nightlife, women and girls of Colombia:
Colombia Girls
The girls of Colombia are beautiful.

Cali Women:
Colombia: Cali Girls
Cali's women are stunning. Colombia Tours & Travel Guide (Colombia, South America). All rights reserved.

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