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San Cipriano

A couple of hours from Cali, just off the Cali-Buernaventura road, lies the small town of San Cipriano, which has become one of Colombia's favourite backpacker hangout spots. The town is small and the locals especially friendly, and swimming in the river and going on nature walks through the rainforest are popular leisure activites. One can also go river tubing through the rapids (drifting in large inflatible tyres). The area is also good for birdwatching.

San Cipriano is well known for it's unique transportation system - to get to San Cipriano, one must travel by by small train carts (from nearby Cordoba) that move under the influence of both gravity and motorcycle power. It's a startling and memorable journey!

As with almost every tourist destination in Colombia, the town fills up with Colombian tourists (in this case those from Cali) at the weekend - during mid week it's far more peaceful here. All accommodation in the village (there's various options) is very basic, the best is probably Hotel Rio Bello.

To travel to San Cipriano, take a bus from Cali that heads towards Buenaventura, get off at Cordoba, from where it's a 1km walk downhill to the railway line, where your railway adventure will begin. Bargain hard with the trolley operators (pay maximum 10,000 pesos per person, if not less) otherwise they'll try to rip you off.

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San Cipriano, Colombia
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