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Santa Fe de Antioquia

Santa Fe de Antioquia is 90 minutes drive from Medellin. This Paisa town is of lower elevation than Medellin, and slightly more tropical in climate. Santa Fe is the regions oldest settlement, and one of the best preserved. It was capital of Antioquia until 1826, when the capital moved to Medellin.

The old colonial centre looks much as it did during the 1800's, with narrow streets, whitewashed colonial buildings and pretty plazas full of old men playing cards are simply watching the world go by. Santa Fe de Antioquia is one of Colombia's most beautiful colonial towns (almost as beautiful as the more visited Villa de Leiva in the north of Colombia).

There are various churches, a cathedral and an interesting cemetry to visit on a tour of Santa Fe de Antioquia. The Puente de Occidente is just outside of town - an unusual bridge that was one of the first suspension bridges in South America, and has now been declared one of Colombia's national monuments.

In Santa Fe de Antioquia, one can either go on nearby hikes, or go horseback riding to explore some of Antioquia's countryside. The town makes a great day trip from Medellin, but for those who wish to stay for longer, there are various small colonial hotels in the town including the upmarket Mariscal Robledo (which has a swimming pool), in addition to Hotel Caseron Plaza (Spanish only website), Hostal Plaza Mayor (popular choice for backpackers), Hostal Guaracu (in nearby San Jeronimo) and Hospedaje Franco, to name just a few.

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Santa fe de Antioquia:
Santa Fe de Antioquia Plaza
The plaza of the paisa town of Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Santa Fe de Antioquia, Colombia
Santa Fe de Antioquia has various beautiful small plazas.

Santa Fe de Antioquia
It's not uncommon to see horses in the streets of Santa Fe.

Puente de Occidente Bridge
The Puente de Occidente bridge is just outside of town. Colombia Travel Guide. All rights reserved.