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Recommended Colombia Travel Agencies & Tour Operators

This website,, does not offer any travel related services - the website's purpose is to advise independent travellers where to go and how to go there. It is relatively easy to book individual flights and hotels yourself by dealing directly with the airline or hotel you choose. However, if you don't speak Spanish, you may well find it simpler to deal with a travel agency / tour operator. Here's some personal recommendations of mine.

Recommended Tour Operators

Recommended tour operators are personal recommendations of mine. I am familiar with all of them, either because I have worked for them, worked with them or am very familiar with their brand name.

Journey Latin America - past employers of mine who arrange both tailormade and group tours to Colombia. Very good for booking domestic flights and airpasses too. Fully bonded tour operator - the UK's best Latin America specialist. 

Eco Guias - a long established Colombian tour operator based in Bogota. They are ...ahem... Journey Latin America's supplier. An upmarket and very reliable operator, Eco Guias can book tailormade or group tours all over Colombia.

Chameleon Worldwide - UK based tailormade holiday experts with a very knowledgeable Colombia department.  Fully bonded tour operator.  Ask for Tom....

Mantaraya Travel - an experienced operator offering exciting tailormade tours all over Colombia.

Colombia 57 - British managed inbound tour operator specializing in mid to high end tailormade tours all over Colombia. They are ...ahem... Audley Travel's supplier.

Aviatur - are Colombia's big tour operator with branches all over the country. You'll often see offices at the major international airports. Reliable, though maybe lacking the personal touch as they're so big. This travel agency also offers outbound trips for Colombians travelling abroad, and their website seems to only be in Spanish.

Other Travel Agency Suggestions

These are only suggestions, travel agencies and tour operators that I have heard of and appear reliable with English language websites. Do send me your feedback!

De Una Colombia Tours - tailormade and group tours all over Colombia, particularly specialized in Los Llanos and the Amazon. Also offer tours to a variety of less visited parts of Eastern Colombia. Adventurous....

Mantaraya Travel - full service tour operator offering trips all over Colombia. Lots of interesting itineraries and ideas on their website.

Colombian Travels - an Australian based tour operator that specializes in both tailormade and group tours to Colombia.

DiversiTours - a Colombian-British owned travel company, based in Medellin, who offer tailormade nature, culture and adventure tours throughout Colombia. You can book, and pay, online.

Colombia Tours Solutions - an agency specializing in medical tourism (plastic surgery, dentistry etc) but that also offer general travel services. Canadian & US toll free phone number.

You'll find a few extra suggestions in the separate section on group tours to Colombia.

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